Roles & Responsibilities


  • Provide the vision and direction for the local chapter

  • Take general charge, supervision, and authority over the property, affairs and business of the chapter and its officers

  • Conduct monthly officer meetings. Initiate the meeting agendas; establish and communicate the meeting location and time; ensure all officers and committees routinely report on activities; track action items from each meeting

  • Prepare chapter business announcements for each chapter meeting including introducing new members, announcing upcoming events, and conducting special recognition

  • Ensure that all important events and association business are reported to chapter members

  • Maintain co-signature check signing responsibility with Treasurer and serve in his/her absence to ensure bills are promptly paid

  • Serve as a point of contact with other regional chapters, regional directors and the national association for chapter communication and co-sponsored events


  • Maintain all financial records for chapter

  • Prepare and deliver financial reports quarterly to the officers

  • Review bills for accuracy and pay bills in a timely manner

  • Reimburse officers/chapter members for chapter expenses such as supplies, printing, etc.

  • Coordinate with Membership chair(s) to ensure membership status of meeting attendees


  • Provide minutes of officer meetings to the chapter chairs / APMP international BOD

  • Provide chapter meeting minutes to Web/Publicity Chair for posting on the Nor'easters web site

  • Supply and collect sign-in sheet for chapter meetings

  • Provide the officers and the international organization with a semi-annual / annual report and list of meeting attendees for affiliation credits


  • Encourage and promote membership in the chapter and APMP at various chapter activities

  • Provide marketing and membership information to potential new members

  • Maintain and update the chapter roster of all current members

  • Coordinate membership rosters with the international organization each month

  • Provide an up-to-date membership mailing list to officers or fulfillment personnel on a recurring basis for mailings such as the e-newsletter, special invitations, etc., as well as for chapter web site library access

  • Send (or cause to be sent) an individual welcoming message to each new member. Provide new member list to the President to ensure that new members are especially welcomed and identified at the first chapter meeting they attend

  • Coordinate activities with other officers to ensure retention of existing members and promotion of new membership

Strategic Programs

  • Plan, create and coordinate programs for chapter meetings and special events, including identifying speakers, meeting locations, presentations and workshops

  • Collect biographical information for speaker introductions and description of presentation(s) for meeting announcements

  • Ensure speakers are notified of time and location of event and send them directions if required

  • Communicate upcoming events to the membership through e-mail announcements, newsletter and website

  • Work with the President and Membership Chair(s) to encourage interaction with other associations and coordinate co-sponsored events

Event Venue

  • Research, plan, and coordinate appropriate venues for chapter meetings and special events

  • Communicate venue options and details with Board members to foster informative and cost-conscious decisions

  • Manage, coordinate, and verify venue contracts and statements for accuracy and completeness

  • Work with the Treasurer to ensure prompt payment and coordination with venue POC


  • Ensure positive, mutually beneficial relationships between chapter sponsors, the chapter, and the membership

  • Conduct regular meetings or briefings with sponsors to exchange ideas; share news, trends, concerns and opportunities; and ensure that sponsors are taking full advantage of their sponsorship package benefits

  • Conduct a special “strategy meeting” 3-6 months in advance of the Chapter's annual symposium

  • Seek to elevate current sponsors to higher-level sponsorship opportunities

  • Review sponsorship levels annually to ensure that sponsorship offerings match needs

  • Target a set number of companies (TBD) to approach for sponsorship; with the full Board of Directors, develop the strategy for bringing on new sponsors

  • Communicate with other APMP chapters to share ideas on sponsorship programs


  • Lead the chapter Board of Directors in all activities related to an annual symposium (full-day or multi-day), including discussions of conference theme, venue, speaker identification/selection, abstracts/presentations review and symposium-day activities

  • Ensure a positive, professional and beneficial annual symposium event that advances the knowledge and networking opportunities of APMP Nor'easter members

  • Work with the Sponsorship Chair to ensure the sponsor-friendliness of the symposium

  • Develop timelines, role descriptions for Board members, contact sheets, and other materials needed to plan and execute symposium preparation

  • Work with the symposium venue to arrange facilities, event dates, infrastructure, room accommodations and other symposium-site matters

  • Communicate with other APMP chapters to share ideas on symposium activities


  • Maintain chapter website, including annual symposium web page

  • Build photo library of meetings & events for use on web site and in print/electronic materials

  • Develop (in association with Membership Chair[s]) chapter marketing messages and materials

  • Submit chapter news for inclusion in APMP/chapter communication vehicles (, The Perspective, forum, LinkedIn Nor'easters/APMP Groups)

  • Archive (online) previous chapter meeting minutes, presentations, newsletters and articles

  • Manage membership access to online materials library

  • Submit all web site maintenance invoices (annual domain name registration fee, monthly hosting fee, etc.) to Treasurer for payment