Certification Program

The APMP offers the world's first Professional Certification Program for Proposal Management Professionals. The Program uses a process of competency-based assessment that is consistent and fair, as well as measured against world best practice standards. There are three levels of professional certification:

  • APMP-Foundation Level

  • APMP-Practitioner Level

  • APMP-Professional Level

You must achieve the levels in order (Foundation, Practitioner, Professional). The type of assessment and what it tests is different at each level.

Program benefits to organizations

APMP Certification assesses the tangible impact made by individual proposal managers. Organizations can directly benefit from their employees being certified by APMP, as the Certification Program has been designed to ensure that it:

  • Encourages retention of staff 

  • Supports competency based recruitment and promotion of staff 

  • Supports organizational initiatives such as IIP (Investors in People) 

  • Identifies performers 

  • Improves performance