What is APMP?
APMP is an international organization dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences, and technology of new business acquisition and to promoting the professionalism of those engaged in those pursuits.

Through association and education, APMP provides its members (over 5,000 worldwide) with the tools, methods, processes, innovations, talent, and access to specialized expertise to directly improve their organization's ability to acquire new business and to sustain growth and competitiveness in a dynamic and demanding marketplace. APMP's vision is to become the association of choice for all professionals actively engaged in the pursuit of new business for profit-oriented, non-profit, and government organizations.

Who is your target audience?
The Nor'easters and APMP are valuable resources for:

  • Senior management executives who are leading proposal quality initiatives in their organizations

  • Proposal managers looking for the latest tools, tips, techniques, and other career enhancements

  • Business development/marketing professionals who prepare proposals to win new contracts

  • Corporations and agencies who are responsible for the development, production, and evaluation of proposals

  • Anyone who wants access to the best proposal knowledge available in the world and the individuals who are developing it

The Nor'easters chapter covers the New England region of the United States.

How do I become a member?
See our Become a Member page.

How do I benefit from membership?
Membership in APMP offers:

  • Networking opportunities with other proposal professionals from a variety of industries

  • Industry education from experts in proposal management

  • A professional membership that enhances your appeal to employers (including a formal Professional Certification Program for Proposal Management Professionals)

  • Access to national and local professional conferences

  • A forum for sharing best practices and lessons learned

  • Opportunities to serve in leadership and public speaking roles

  • Free attendance to regular meetings (excludes fee for special dinner meetings/events)

  • Access to publications containing industry insights into the field of proposal management

How often are chapter meetings held?
The Nor'easters chapter meets minimally 4 times per year. Some meetings are face-to-face in the Greater Boston area, and some are virtual.

View our upcoming events calendar.

Whom should I contact for more information on the chapter?
You can contact any of the current Nor'easters officers.

What are my responsibilities as a member?
Be an active participant – attend meetings, host an event, express your opinions, share your wisdom, be a presenter, recruit new members, and have fun! (And don't forget to renew your APMP membership annually.)

How do I change my membership information?
To correct or change your APMP membership information, complete the Contact APMP form.