May 2

Proposals at the speed of light with Jeannette Waldie

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Nov 15

Pursuit Expo 2018

Pursuit & Proposal Innovation - Join us to connect with your industry peers. Browse the showcase of proposal technology, consulting services and industry products


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President's Report

Hello Nor'easters,

I hope that everyone had a nice Columbus Day turns out Matthew did show up and rain out any Sunday outdoor plans, but we certainly needed the rain. Last night I unfortunately watched Big Papi's last game...what an impact he has made on the city of Boston!  He will be missed...he was a great player and an even better person.

Watching the game last night, the announcers have a seemly endless list of stats and metrics at their disposal to discuss during the a hitter hits with runners on base, how many strikeouts a pitcher throws, how many home runs a give player hits...against this picture, against right-handed pictures, against left-handed pictures, with runners on base. While we absentmindely listen to these metrics, the managers are using these very same stats to determine who will hit and who will pitch and if they will take someone out of the game and put someone else in. If you have ever seen the movie Moneyball, you can see that metrics are vital to success.

Metrics in proposals are no different, everyone knows the loved and hated metric "Win Rate," but we are much more than a win rate...Jon Myerov is going to talk about the importance of metrics, what metrics should we be tracking and how can we use these to make our proposals more efficient, our pursuits more successful and our impact clearly demonstrated to leadership. We are just one week away from our first meeting of the fall season...I hope you can join us for a good meal, some professional networking, maybe an adult beverage or two, an interesting discussion on using metrics to improve proposal effectiveness, and finally to chat a bit about what you would like to see from the chapter in the coming year.

I look forward to seeing you in a week!

Do great things,


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Event Highlight

Why Metrics Reporting Helps Win Proposals

A veteran proposal manager in both commercial and defense industries, Jon Myerov, enjoys working with bid teams and collecting data on proposal activity. Jon brings these two interests together in a talk about sharing proposal metrics with executives and functional managers. Some metrics may be either useful or useless, he says, but metrics reporting is indispensably powerful.


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